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AFRICAN DAISY, "Giant Mixed Colors"
(Dimorphotheca sinuata)
Luminous, daisy-like flowers glow in the colors of the sunrise. Easy-care plants thrive in cool weather and dry climates. Blooms open in full sun and close at night and in cloudy weather. Ht. 12-15 in.

ALYSSUM, "Carpet of Snow"
(Lobularia maritima)
Surround your garden with sweet fragrance from this old-fashioned favorite. Delicate, pure white blossoms cover mound-like plants all season looking just like snow in the summertime. Ht. 6-8 in.
ALYSSUM, "Rosie O’Day"
(Lobularia maritima)
The perfect finishing touch for rock gardens, garden walks or any planted area. Low-growing plants topped with sweetly scented clusters of deep rosy blossoms add charm to any setting. Ht. 6 in.
"Royal Carpet"

(Lobularia maritima)
Spicy-scented blossoms on dense, low-growing plants form a carpet of color all season. Perfect accent for rock gardens, planters or between paving stones. Attracts butterflies. Ht. 3-5 in.
ASCLEPIAS, "Butterfly Milkweed"
(Asclepias tuberosa)
Hassle-free perennial is prime food for Monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. Hardy plant is deer resistant and drought tolerant once established. Ht. 18-24 in.
(Centaurea cyanus)
Frilly, button-like flowers on strong stems top the silvery foliage of this charming favorite. Quick-blooming, easy-care plants are fun for kids to grow. Plants provide a steady supply of long-lasting cut flowers. Ht. 1˝ -2 ft.

BACHELOR’S BUTTON, "Polka Dot Mixed Colors"
(Centaurea cyanus)
Also known as cornflowers, these easy-to-grow favorites bear a profusion of cheerful, button-sized blooms in a mixture of bright colors. Outstanding cut flower retains color when dried. Ht. 1˝ -2 ft.
(Rudbeckia fulgida) perennial
An American native wildflower giving bright, season-long color on easy-care plants. Yellow petals surround the showy, cone-shaped, brown seed heads that ripen to attract birds. Adapts to a wide range of garden soils. Ht. 36 in. Hardy zones 3-9.
CLEOME, "Cherry Queen"
(Cleome hassleriana)
Also called Spider flower, the large, scented clusters of striking, cherry-rose flowers stand atop stems lined with refreshingly-green, palm-like leaves. Flowers continue to open during the summer. Unique cut flower. Ht. 4-5 ft.

COLEUS, "Rainbow Mixed Colors"
(Coleus blumeii)
Colorful leaves are painted and splashed with a rainbow of colors in unique patterns. Foliage instantly adds shades of pink, red, yellow, and green to even the shadiest spot in the garden. Easy to grow. Makes a great indoor houseplant. Ht. 1 ft.
COLUMBINE,  "McKana’s Hybrids Mixed Colors"
(Aquilegia spp.) perennial
Nodding, bell-like clusters of large flowers with long spurs open in bright yellow, pink, red, blue and purple, even bicolors. The lush mounds of delicate blue-green foliage add elegant beauty to the garden. Ht. 30 in. Hardy zones 4-8.
COREOPSIS, "Sunburst"
(Coreopsis lanceolata) perennial
Sunny, golden-yellow flowers with a darker yellow center brighten the garden above lush, green foliage. An outstanding addition to perennial borders and wildflower gardens. Semi-double and double flowers. 24 in. Hardy zones 4-9.

COSMOS, "Daydream"
(Cosmos bipinnatus)
Old-fashioned favorite produces armfuls of daisy-like white, rose, and pink blossoms with pretty contrasting petal centers and edges. The free-flowering plants provide country-style bouquets all summer long.

COSMOS, "Dazzler"
(Cosmos bipinnatus)
Elegant, crimson-red, daisy-like flowers bloom freely from summer to frost above bushy plants covered with feathery, green foliage. Easy-to-grow plants bloom quickly. Tolerant of hot and dry conditions. Ht. 4 ft.
COSMOS, "Dwarf Bright Lights"
(Cosmos sulphureus)
Carefree cosmos with rich orange and sunny yellow flowers that bloom freely on branching plants. Great in summer beds and borders, perfect for containers. Pick often for bouquets. Butterflies love these flowers.
COSMOS, "Sensation Mixed Colors"
(Cosmos bipinnatus)
Shimmering, daisy-like flowers in a mix of pink, rose and white grace the feathery foliage of this old-fashioned favorite. Tall plants bloom all season. Long lasting cut flower. Ht. 4 ft.
CUT FLOWERS, "Bouquet Mixture"
An ideal mix of annuals for fresh summer bouquets in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes. The mix contains bachelor’s button, calendula, aster, larkspur, gloriosa daisy, snapdragon, Shirley poppy, clarkia and zinnia. Ht. 2-3 ft.
DELPHINIUM, "Pacific Giants Mixed Colors"
(Delphinium x cultorum)
One of the most majestic perennials and also one of the easiest to grow. Strong and tall with large, colorful blossoms in shades of blue, purple, white and rose. Adds dramatic color to floral arrangements. Ht. 4-6 ft. Hardy zones 3-7.

ECHINACEA, "Purple Coneflower"
(Echinacea purpurea) perennial
A showy centerpiece for any garden with a large, brown, cone-shaped center surrounded by striking purple petals. A native of the American prairie that is drought-resistant with long-lasting blooms. Ht. 2 ˝ -3 ft. Zones 3-9.
FOUR O’ CLOCK, "Mixed Colors"
(Mirabilis jalapa)
Also known as Marvel of Peru, these small 1-2 inch, trumpet-shaped flowers open each day in the afternoon on sunny days. Fast-growing, shrub-like plants make a wonderfully scented border or low hedge. Easy to grow. Ht. 2-3 ft.
FOXGLOVE, "Excelsior Mixed Colors"
(Digitalis purpurea) perennial
Tall flower spikes covered with softly colored bells in shades of purple, pink, rose, yellow and white make a stunning display as flowers open over several weeks. All plant parts are poisonous. Ht. 4 ft. Hardy zones 4-8.

GAILLARDIA, "Grandiflora Mixed Colors"
(Gaillardia x grandiflora) perennial
Nicknamed Blanket Flower for the daisy-like flowers’ resemblance to the brilliant reds golds and yellows used in Native American blankets - these reliable performers make a dazzling display all season long. Excellent cut flower. Ht. 18-24 in. Hardy zones 3-9.

GOURD, "Birdhouse"
(Lagenaria siceraria)
Large, pear-shaped, hardshell gourds hang from fast-growing vines. Gourds are ready to harvest in about 90 days and make natural birdhouses that attract martins, finches and other birds. Ht. 18 ft.
"Small Mixed Types"

(Lagenaria spp)
A kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, these small, ornamental gourds are enhanced with unique stripes, spots, bumps and speckles in a combination of orange, yellow, green and white. Fun and easy to grow. Ht. 12 ft.

HOLLYHOCK, "Indian Spring Mixed Colors"
(Alcea rosea)
Nothing says ‘cottage garden’ like a display of these enchanting, old-fashioned, single-flowered hollyhocks blooming in shades of yellow, pink, red, rose and white. Flowers bloom the first year when planted early. Ht. 5-6 ft. Hardy zones 3-7.


HOLLYHOCK, " Summer Carnival Mixed Colors"
(Alcea rosea)
An old-fashioned favorite that features impressive fully double blooms of red, pink, rose, yellow and white clustered on tall stems. Great for background or fence plantings. Blooms the first year from seed. Ht. 5 ft. Hardy zones 3-7.

LARKSPUR, "Giant Imperial Mixed Colors"
(Consolida ambigua)
An old-fashioned favorite of American gardeners with its tall, tapering spikes bearing flowers of pink, rose, purple, and white. Long lasting as a cut flower and an excellent choice for dried flower arrangements. Ht. 3-4 ft.
"Crystal Palace"

(Lobelia erinus)
Compact plants covered with glowing, deep-blue flowers are dazzling in window boxes, as groundcover or as garden edging. Plants produce so many flowers, they actually hide the lush, green foliage. Ht. 6 in.
LOBELIA, "String of Pearls"
(Lobelia erinus)
These compact, softly mounding plants are soon totally covered with tiny delicate flowers in pretty shades of rose, deep lavender, white, ink and rich blue. The lush plants bloom hard all season long. Perfect for edging and borders, or in containers or window boxes. Ht. 4-6 in.

MARIGOLD, "Crackerjack Mixed Colors"
(Tagetes erecta)
One of the most popular and tallest type of marigold with large, fully double blooms up to 5 inches across in bold shades of yellow, gold and orange. Excellent cut flower. Ht. 2½-3 ft.
MARIGOLD, "Dainty Marietta"
(Tagetes patula)
Lush plants are covered with abundant, golden-yellow flowers accented with burgundy centers. Blooming continually until frost these single-flowered, French-type marigolds sparkle in containers, beds and borders. Ht. 10 in.
MARIGOLD, "Lemondrop"
(Tagetes patula)
Lovely clusters of bright, lemon-yellow flowers cover the green, scented foliage of this French-type marigold. Early-to-bloom plants provide fast color that lasts throughout the summer. Ht. 8 in.
MARIGOLD, POT,"Pacific Beauty Mixed"
(Calendula officinalis)
Luminous, orange, yellow, peach and creamy-white flowers glow in the colors of the sunrise. Easy-care plants thrive in cool weather. Ideal for containers and mixed beds. Long lasting cut flower. Ht. 18 in.

MARIGOLD, "Petite Mixed Colors"
(Tagetes patula)
Dependable and easy to grow, the abundant, 1-inch, multi-colored, double blooms glow in shades of orange, yellow and gold. The compact plants make it a good choice for edging gardens or walkways, Ht. 8 in.
(Ipomoea alba)
One of the most dramatic flowers you can grow. The gigantic, white flowers glow in the moonlight and fill the evening air with a delicious perfume. Outstanding performer on a trellis or fence. Plant near a door or window to enjoy the delightful fragrance. Ht. 12-15 ft.

MORNING GLORY, "Crimson Rambler"
(Ipomoea tricolor)
Brilliant, trumpet-shaped, crimson-red petals surrounding a white throat are magnificent against the lush green vines. Blooms open early in the day and begin to close during the afternoon. Ht. 8-10 ft. SOLD OUT
MORNING GLORY, "Flying Saucers"
(Ipomoea tricolor)
Vigorous climbers whose satiny trumpet-shaped blossoms are pearly white with sky blue markings. New flowers open early each day at mid-summer and shine out from the lush green vines, then close in the afternoon. Ht. 8-10ft. SOLD OUT
MORNING GLORY, "Heavenly Blue"
(Ipomoea tricolor)
The all-time favorite for trellises, fences and garden walls. Fast-growing vines produce large, brilliant-blue, trumpet-shaped flowers continuously throughout the season. Beautiful as a ground cover on steep slopes. Ht. 8-10 ft. SOLD OUT
MORNING GLORY, "Tall Mixed Colors"
(Ipomoea purpurea)
A fast growing vine reaching heights of up to 12 feet with a beautiful array of flowers in white, blue, crimson and pink accented by deep green leaves. Flowers open each morning and close in the afternoon. Ht. 8-12 ft. SOLD OUT

MORNING GLORY, "White Pearly Gates"
(Ipomoea purpurea)
Treasured heirloom climbing vine with satiny, pearly-white blossoms
with heart-shaped foliage. At mid-summer, new trumpet shaped blossoms open each morning, then close in late afternoon. Creates a lush, vertical accent. Ht. 10 ft. SOLD OUT

MOSS ROSE, "Double Flowered Mixed Colors"
(Portulaca grandiflora)
Great as edging or as an accent in pots, these hardy plants bloom profusely all season with sunny-bright, double flowers. Leaves store water, making them drought tolerant and a good choice for low maintenance areas. Ideal for hot, dry locations. Ht. 6 in.
NASTURTIUM, "Empress of India"
(Tropaeolum majus)
Fragrant, bright-red flowers with long spurs glow against the blue-green, rounded leaves. Mounded plants grow quickly to fill beds or containers. Flowers add a spicy dash of color to salads or as garnish. Ht. 12 in.
NASTURTIUM, "Jewel Mixed Colors"
(Tropaeolum majus)
An old-fashioned favorite for window boxes and pots, this compact variety blooms continuously all season in a wide range of colors. Large seeds, easy and safe for children to plant. Easy to grow. Ht. 12 in.
NASTURTIUM, "Moon Gleam"
 (Tropaeolum majus)
A stunning color for the flower garden. The soft-yellow, semi-double and double flowers have a delicious scent and spicy flavor. Plants are vigorous with a semi-trailing habit that’s ideal for containers. Ht. 2 ft.
NASTURTIUM, "Summer Charm Mix"
These old-fashioned edible flower favorites bloom in ordinary garden soil to fill garden beds, borders or window boxes with mounding blue-green leaves and spurred flowers in a range of bright summer colors. Blooms all season. Thrives even in poor soil.

NASTURTIUM, "Tall Single Mixed Colors"
(Tropaeolum majus)
An all-time favorite that thrives in even poor soil. Makes a great ground cover as it climbs over rocks, fences and walls. Delightful, scented flowers in orange, gold and red bloom all summer and fall. Ht. 5 ft.
NIGELLA, "Persian Jewels"
Charming old fashioned flowers in lovely soft colors for garden borders and fresh or dried bouquets. When blossoms fade, dainty seed pods resemble little striped paper lanterns. Easy to grow and rewarding in all climates.
PANSY, "Swiss Giants Mixed Colors'
(Viola wittrockiana)
This dependable beauty never goes out of style. Large, colorful blooms bear the distinctive pansy ‘face’ all season long. Pansies shine in cooler weather. Lightly scented, a favorite for kid-sized bouquets. Ht. 6-9 in.

(Eschscholzia californica)
Create an explosion of color in beds, borders, and large plantings with these silky, saucer-shaped flowers that have fiery-orange petals touched with a scarlet blaze. Easy-care plants grow in most soil types. Ht. 12 in.
CALIFORNIA POPPY, "Mission Bells Mixed Colors"
Eschscholzia californica)
Delicate, silky flowers in a wide range of shimmering colors are held high on slender stems. Very early to flower and tolerant of drought as well as light shade, they reseed themselves in mild climates. Ht. 12 in.
(Eschscholzia californica)
The official State Flower of California. Beautiful and delicate to the eyes, but amazingly hardy. Very tolerant of drought and poor soil with bright, showy flowers held high on sturdy stems. Reseeds itself in milder climates. Ht. 12 in.

(Chrysanthemum x superbum) perennial
A favorite perennial known for its bright white petals and contrasting yellow center. Flowers freely year after year in sun and light shade. An excellent choice for cut flower bouquets. Ht. 2 ft. Hardy zones 4-8.
SNAPDRAGON, "Magic Carpet Mixed Colors"
(Antirrhinum majus)
Brilliantly colored flowers that bloom from summer through frost make this dwarf variety a favorite for borders and containers. The full size blossoms cover compact stems that don’t require staking. Ht. 6-8 in.
SUNFLOWER, "Arikara"

(Helianthus annuus)
A real American heirloom with a rich history, named for the Arikara tribe who inhabited the Great Plains. Very tall, vigorous plants product gorgeous large flowers and edible seeds. Song birds and pollinators adore these flowers.

SUNFLOWER, "Autumn Beauty Mixed Colors"
(Helianthus annuus)
All the colors of autumn are featured in this mix of burgundy, red, gold, yellow and bi-colored flowers. Large, 8-inch blooms with long stems make great floral arrangements. Good choice for any sunny garden. Ht. 5-7 ft.

SUNFLOWER, "Teddy Bear Giant Sungold"
(Helianthus annuus)
A tall “teddy bear” type sunflower with glowing, yellow-gold fully-double flowers. The sturdy branching plants bear abundant 7-8 inch petal-packed bright flower heads. Fast and easy to grow.
SUNFLOWER, "Premier California Greystripe"
(Helianthus annuus)
Every day is sunny in a garden featuring these popular giants. Glowing yellow petals surround a large, seed-filled center. Seeds can be roasted as snack food or dried for birdseed. Fast and easy to grow. Ht. 6-8 ft.
A selection of only the richest red shades. Plants are strongly branched with clusters of 4-5 in. flowers. A fine border sunflower, striking and lovely for summer bouquets. Very easy to grow in any garden. Easy and fun in a children’s garden!
SUNFLOWER, "Sunspot"
(Helianthus annuus)
Great for kids! Large, bright-yellow flowers grow 10 inches or more across on short, strong-stemmed plants that are only 18 inches high. Long-lasting blooms. Ht. 18 in.
SUNFLOWER, "Velvet Queen"
(Helianthus annuus)
A dramatic contrast to standard sunflowers with petals of stunning, crimson-red around a rich, chocolate-brown center. Each branched plant produces many blooms. Great for arrangements. Ht. 5 ft.

SWEET PEA, "Early Gigantea Mixed Colors"
(Lathyrus odoratus)
These complex, deliciously scented gardeners have adored flowers for centuries. Early-blooming, large flowers in a striking pallet of colors make it an excellent choice for borders and cutting. Ht. 5-7 ft.
SWEET PEA, "Elegance Mixed Colors"
(Lathyrus odoratus)
Blooming weeks earlier than other sweet peas, Elegance produces long stems of large, softly scented flowers in shades of pink, rose, lilac and white. Ideal for spectacular fresh bouquets. Ht. 6 ft.
SWEET PEA, "Knee-Hi Mixed Colors"
(Lathyrus odoratus)
Fill your home and garden with these deliciously scented, large, ruffled flowers that bloom in vibrant colors. Easy-to-grow, semi-dwarf plants don’t need to be staked or trellised. Makes a nice low hedge. Ht. 30 in.

SWEET PEA. "Old Spice Mixed Colors"
(Lathyrus odoratus)
A dependable bloomer even into summer heat. The solid, striped and bi-color flowers sparkle in shades of red, purple, pink, rose and white. Extremely fragrant blossoms hold up well as a cut flower. Ht. 5-7 ft.
"Royal White"

(Lathyrus odoratus)
These deliciously perfumed, frilled sweet peas bloom freely, shining out from vigorous climbing vines. Royal White produces many long stems with delicate pure white blossoms, perfect for lovely scented bouquets. Ht 8-10ft.
"Double Flowered Mixed Color"

(Dianthus barbatus) perennial
Brilliant clusters of colored, fringed blooms grow in compact bouquets on each stem. Pink, red and white flowers with contrasting edges are sweetly scented. Long lasting as a cut flower in arrangements.
Ht. 1½ - 2 ft. Hardy zones 4-9

"Heirloom Mexican Sunflower"

(Tithonia rotundifolia) perennial
Easy to grow, tall branching plants with velvety foliage and brilliant red-orange flowers that are beacons to butterflies and many other pollinators all summer. Great for bouquets. Easy and fun to grow with kids.


"Johnny Jump  Up"

(Viola tricolor)
Traditionally called “Johnny-Jump-Ups”, these miniature pansy-like flowers produce a showy display of yellow, purple and blue with each blossom resembling a tiny, smiling face. Reseeds freely. Ht. 6-10 in. Hardy zones 5-9.
VIOLA, "Velour Mixed Colors"
(Viola tricolour)
Our fancy mix in a lovely range of colors offers showy displays that bloom for months. Velour plants will take tought weather conditions and cover the ground with cheerful little flower faces.
ZINNIA, "CA Giants Mixed Colors"
(Zinnia elegans)
Giant, 4-6 inch, fully double blooms in a rainbow of colors brighten any sunny garden. Ideal for large plantings, tall borders and cutting. Fast-growing, easy-care plants bloom all summer until frost. Ht. 2½-3 ft.
ZINNIA, "Classic Mixed Colors"
(Zinnia linearis)
Spreading plants with thin, strap-like leaves are covered with 1-inch, daisy-like flowers in bright shades of orange, yellow and white. Plants resist mildew. Ideal in containers, for edging and borders. Ht. 12-18 in.
ZINNIA, "Lilliput Mixed Colors"
(Zinnia elegans)
Miniature, 1½ in. pom-pom flowers in a wide range of bright colors are held high on sturdy stems, making this an ideal choice for cut flower arrangements. Easy-care plants are showstoppers in the summer heat. Ht. 1½ -2 ft.

ZINNIA, "Old Mexico"
(Zinnia haageana)
These long-lasting old-fashioned zinnias are soon covered with bicolor blossoms in a pinwheel of fiesta colors. The bicolor flowers light the garden with color and make eye-catching bouquets.
ZINNIA, "Paintbrush Mixed Colors"
(Zinnia elegans)
Shades of red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white paint the garden with a palette of sparkling colors, accented by bright, green leaves. Perfect for containers, edging and mixed flower gardens. Cutting encourages more blooms. Ht. 18 in.

ZINNIA, "Heirloom State Fair"
(Zinnia elegans)
Extra large double flowers in wonderful bright colors on robust branching plants. These prize-winning zinnias bloom hard all season long and make eye-catching bouquets. Butterflies love these long-lasting flowers. Ht 2-3 1/2 ft.

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