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BEAN, BUSH, "Gold Rush"
Highly recommended for home gardeners, this yellow wax bean has delicious flavor and plants that produce abundant clusters of long, straight, golden-yellow pods. Bush type. Harvest in 55 days.

BEAN, BUSH "Improved Tendergreen"
Great yields from plants that keep on producing 6-7 inch, dark green, stringless pods even in summer heat. Easy-to-grow bush type doesn’t require staking. Good fresh or preserved. Harvest in 52 days.
BEAN, BUSH, "Blue Lake 274"
One of the most popular old-fashioned pole beans producing broad, meaty, stringless 9-inch pods that can be eaten fresh, preserved or as dried shell beans. Harvest 66 days.
BEAN, BUSH, "Provider"
Classic, high yielding bush bean with juicy, 5 1/2 inch round pods. Disease-resistant Provider is more tolerant of cold weather than other beans. This garden favorite is delicious fresh and ideal for canning and freezing.
BEAN, LIMA, "Henderson’s Baby"
Produces an abundance of delicious buttery flavored baby limas, 3 to 4 beans per easy-to-shell pod. An old-fashioned home garden favorite. Harvest approx. 63 days.
BEAN, POLE, "Blue Lake Stringless"
Terrific taste and easy harvest make this pole variety a favorite. Beans are smooth, round & meaty and reach about 6 inches long. Harvest in 62 days.
BEAN, POLE, "Kentucky Wonder"
One of the most popular old-fashioned pole beans producing broad, meaty, stringless 9-inch pods that can be eaten fresh, preserved or as dried shell beans. Harvest 66 days.
BEAN, FAVA, "Windsor"
Favas' history dates to Biblical times and they are enjoyed in Italian, Middle Eastern and Greek cooking. The delicious nutty flavor is like a blend of limas and peas. Cool season. 85 days.
BEET, "Cylindria"
This old-fashioned, rich-flavored beet has cylindrical roots especially good for uniform, even slicing. Grows up to 6” long and 2 inches in diameter with tasty tops for greens. Harvest in 55-60 days. Plants 25 foot row.
BEET, "Detroit Dark Red"
You can count on this fine heirloom variety for rich flavored, red-fleshed round beets. Enjoy garden-fresh or use for canning, pickling or freezing. The abundant vitamin-rich leaves, striped with red, are delicious quickly braised or fresh in salads. Plants 8 in.
BEET, "Early Wonder Tall Top"
The best all-around variety. Ideal for nutritious, flavorful and tender beet greens, plants also produce dark red beets for pickling, salads or cooking. Harvest in 50-55 days.
BEET, "Little Queen"
Round Little Queen beets have a smooth buttery texture & delicious flavor. Harvest these smooth-skinned red beauties when just 1 to 1 1/2 in. diameter to enjoy as tender sweet babies. Enjoy them steamed, roasted, in salads or pickled. Ready in 50-52 days.
BEET, "Ruby Queen"
An award winner for its combination of deep scarlet color, great buttery taste and dependable yield. Very versatile variety. A great choice for preserving or serving fresh. Ready in 55 days.
BROCCOLI, "Early Dividend Hybrid"
Choose Early Dividend for improved flavor and higher yields. Large 4-5 inch, deep-green heads develop quickly followed by large side shoots. Harvest in 45 days from transplanting.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS, "Long Island Improved"
Home-grown Brussels sprouts are sweet, nutty, and buttery – never strong-flavored. It is a real satisfaction to pick and enjoy them in late fall when the rest of the summer garden is finished.
CABBAGE, "Copenhagen Market"
 Early cabbage with small, tight, crunchy 3-4 lb. heads.  Old fashioned variety with delicate sweet flavor, perfect shredded raw for coleslaw or simply steamed or stir-fried.  Approx. 65 days to harvest. 
CABBAGE, "Red Express"
 Top quality, extra early Red Express offers compact, 2-3 lb, purple-red heads that are solid & heavy for their size with crispy texture and excellent flavor. These handsome cabbages keep well at harvest. Use or colorful fresh slaw, stir-fry, or saute. Approx. 65 days to harvest. 
CANTALOUPE, "Hale’s Best Jumbo"
Everything a cantaloupe should be. Sweet and delicious with a small seed cavity and easy-to-cut rind. Mature fruits weigh 5-6 pounds and are ready for harvest in 85 days.
CANTALOUPE, "Imperial 45"
Delicious, sweet melon taste and lots of it from large, round fruit with a small seed cavity. Best choice for hot, humid climates. Holds flavor well. Ready to harvest in about 87 days.
CARROT, "Chantenay Red Cored"
A sweet-tasting choice for heavy soils. Short, thick carrots hold their shape and crunch without becoming tough. Harvest early for ‘baby’ carrots. Ready to harvest in 68 days.
CARROT, "Little Finger'
 Deep orange Little Finger carrots develop sweet flavor early. Great to pull as ‘minis’. Harvest at 3 in. for crunchy baby carrots or grow to maturity at 6- 6 1/2 inches. Ready for harvest in 60 days.
CARROT, "Scarlet Nantes"
The classic flavor favorite. Almost coreless, 6-inch roots have bright red-orange color throughout. Crisp texture and an abundant producer. Keeps and freezes well. Harvest in 65 days.
CARROT, "Tendersweet"
One of the sweetest bunching carrots you can grow. Long slender carrots grow to about 8-10 inches long. Deep orange roots are crisp, sweet and almost coreless. Ready to harvest in 70 days.
Home-grown cauliflower is sweet and delicate. This early variety produces tightly packed domed heads perfect for steaming, stir-fries, pickling or eating raw, fresh from the garden. 65 days from transplant. Plants 20ft row.
"Heirloom Rainbow"

Heirloom mix with crunchy stalks in a rainbow of colors with crinkly green leaves. Harvest begins in 60 days and lasts for months. Tender, fine tasting greens to steam, saute or stirfry. Great addition for both the vegetable and flower garden.
"Ruby Red"

Scarlet-colored stalks with red-veined, green crinkled leaves. A tasty and versatile addition to the vegetable or flower garden. Harvest begins in 60 days and lasts for months. Packet plants 40 feet.
"Fordhook Giant"

Produces in the heat of summer. Deeply crinkled, vitamin-rich greens are delicious steamed or sautéed and make a good substitute for spinach. Stems can be steamed like asparagus. Harvesting in 60 days and continue until frost.
"Georgia Southern"

Large plants up to 4 feet tall have blue-green, succulent leaves with a mild, cabbage-like flavor. Traditional Southern dish served with pork and black-eyed peas. Harvest in 80 days.
CORN, SWEET, "Jubilee Hybrid"
The #1 yellow sweet corn among home gardeners. Jubilee is the perfect combination of tenderness and flavor for eating fresh or frozen. A mid-season variety ready to enjoy in 81 days. Normal Sugary (su) type.
CORN, SWEET, "Kandy Korn"
True to its name, Kandy Korn is a sweet, mouth-watering treat eaten fresh. Ears have excellent keeping quality and kernels stay sweet many days after picking or when frozen. Late-season. Matures in 89 days. Sugar Enhanced (se) type.
SWEET CORN, "Peaches & Cream Hybrid"
AII-time favorite bicolor sweet corn. Produces abundant big ears of luscious, creamy-white and golden-yellow kernels that satisfy both yellow and white corn overs. These vigorous & productive plants ripen their succulent well-filled ears early in the season & stay sweet & tender for extended harvesting. Harvest in 75 days.
CORN, SWEET, "Precious Gem Hybrid"
A delicious summer treat from your garden. Large, 9-inch ears are filled with tender, bicolored yellow and white kernels exploding with delicious sweet flavor. Mid-season variety. Harvest in 80 days. Sugar Enhanced (se) type.
CORN, SWEET, "Silver Queen Hybrid"
The overwhelming choice of white corn connoisseurs for large ears filled with plump, flavorful kernels. A treat when fresh, Silver Queen also freezes well. Late-season variety. Matures in 90 days. Normal Sugary (su) type.
COWPEA, "California Blackeye"
Most popular variety in the South, the long, 7-8 inch pods are filled with creamy-white seeds marked with a black eye. Easy-to-shell pods. Delicious fresh, dried or frozen. Harvest in 68 days.
CUCUMBER, "Painted Serpent"
Long and curvy striped heirloom cucumbers with crispy-sweet flesh that is never bitter. The vigorous vines love hot weather and will reward you with heavy yields of delicious, crunchy cukes.
CUCUMBER, "Straight Eight"
A traditional and reliable variety that produces 7-8 inch, lightly striped fruits on vigorous vines. Large, blunt-ended cucumbers are excellent for slicing into summer salads. All-America Selections winner. Harvest in 63 days.
CUCUMBER, "Saladmore Bush Hybrid'
Even small gardens can produce a full crop of tasty, 8-inch slicing cucumbers. Semi-dwarf, disease-resistant vines use less space and produce all season. All-America Selections winner. Harvest in 63 days.
CUCUMBER, "'Garden Sweet Hybrid"
Vigorous producing hybrid that’s easy on your stomach. Burpless-type, smooth, dark green fruits have a crisp and mildly sweet flavor. Ready to harvest in 60 days.
CUCUMBER,  "Heirloom Lemon"
A true heirloom whose vigorous vines bear abundant crunchy cukes the size and shape of lemons. Flavor is mild and sweet. Tasty and delicious eating either fresh, in salads, or for making pickles.
CUCUMBER,  "National Pickling"
A dependable producer with resistance to scab and tolerance to cucumber mosaic diseases. Abundant crops of medium green, 2-4 inch fruits make crispy pickles. Harvest in 55 days.
CUCUMBER, "Poinsett 76"
Add fresh, crisp flavor to salads. Popular slicing cucumber that produces plenty of smooth, dark green fruit, averaging 8-9 inches long. Disease resistant and ready for harvest in 65 days.
EGGPLANT, "Black Beauty"
Large, purple fruits with thin skin and creamy white flesh have excellent mild flavor and smooth texture. Each plant yields about four, 1-3 pound eggplants. Harvest 70-80 days from transplant.
EGGPLANT, "Long Purple"
Long, dark purple fruits have a thinner skin, fewer seeds, and more delicate flavor than traditional varieties. Tapered fruits reach 10-12 inches long. Harvest 75 days from transplant.
"Dinosaur Lacinato"

Handsome heirloom known for its blue-green crinkled leaves, tender texture and sweet flavor. Delicious in salads, for sauteed greens, soups, or braised with garlic and olive oil. Kale's flavor is best in cool weather; mature plants handle frost well for extended harvesting.
KALE, "Siberian"
This handsome blue-green heirloom kale was originally introduced by Russian traders. Delicious in soups stews and sautés or braised with garlic and olive oil. Flavor and color are best in cool weather.
LETTUCE. "Black Seeded Simpson"
Over a century old, this easy heirloom lettuce is heat resistant, slow to bolt & fast growing. The light green leaves are wonderfully tender and sweet. You can rely on consistent yields for fresh from the garden salads. Large leaves form loose heads. Harvest: 45-48 days.
"Bon Vivant Baby Leaf Mix"

Our gourmet mix offers delicious flavors, colors and textures for fast and easy baby leaf salads right from the garden. Mix of: Bambino, Simpson Elite, Esmeralda, Red Sails, Bravehart, Red Tide Lettuces. Harvest: 30-45 days.
LETTUCE, "Buttercrunch"
Compact, loose heads of delicious, thick and crisp leaves are easy to grow. Ideal for a single-serving salad. Tolerates heat and is slow to bolt. All-America Selections winner. Harvest in 65 days.
LETTUCE, "Grand Rapids"
Fast and easy to grow, the sweet and crisp, light green leaves are tightly curled. Great for summer salads. Slow to bolt extends the harvest time. Harvest in 45 days.
LETTUCE, "Green Gem"
Compact 7-8 inch heads of juicy sweet, rich green leaves. Green Gem grows quickly from seed, looks great in containers or small gardens, and is perfect for fast, crunchy fresh salads. Ready in 38-42 days.
LETTUCE, "Green Salad Bowl"
Popular leaf lettuce variety providing tightly packed, crinkled leaves with excellent, fresh flavor. Tolerates heat and slow to bolt. All-America Selections winner. Harvest in 45 days.
LETTUCE, "Iceberg"
The classic head lettuce. Medium-sized heads have tightly packed, crisp, sweet leaves. Just like in the supermarket, only fresher. Harvest in about 62 days.
LETTUCE, "Parris Island Cos"
Favorite romaine type with tall, upright heads of broad, green leaves with sweet midribs surrounding a creamy-green heart. Vigorous plants produce uniform heads. Harvest in 65-75 days.
LETTUCE, "Red Salad Bowl"
Burgundy-red version of the popular All America Award winning Salad Bowl lettuce. Deeply lobed leaves are ready early (40 days) and hold well without bitterness. Favored for fancy salad mix. Packet plants 35 ft.
LETTUCE, "Tom Thumb"
Perfectly formed little heads with buttery, light green leaves. Great in containers or to tuck into any garden space. Heads are the perfect size for individual salads. Ready in 40 days. Plants 70 ft row.
LETTUCE, MESCLUN, "Summer Salad Mix"
Ideal for baby greens or mature leaves the mix contains Red Salad Bowl, Red Oakleaf, Royal Oakleaf, Tango, Parris Island Cos, Buttercrunch, and Waldmann’s Green varieties. Harvest in 30-45 days.
"Southern Giant Curled"

Popular in the South, these upright plants are grown for the delicious, curly green leaves that are loaded with vitamins And C. Flavor sweetens in cool weather. Harvest in 50 days.
OKRA, "Clemson Spineless"
This award winner bears plenty of 6-7 inch long, straight, spineless pods. Serve steamed, fried or use as thickener in soups and stews. Creamy white flowers. All-America Selections winner. Harvest in 56 days
ONION SEED, "Ruby Red"
These intermediate day red onions grow easily from seed and mature at midsummer in most areas. Large, globe shaped bulbs are pungent but sweet, with crispy firm texture. Ruby Red onions are good keepers for long storage over 5-6 months. Harvest in 100-110 days.
"Texas Grano 502"

A large, mild-flavored white onion with good disease resistance. Short-day type suited to Southern, mid-South and Western gardens. Good variety for keeping. Harvest in 170 days.
ONION, "White Lisbon Bunching"
A fast-growing crop for spring and fall. Vase-shaped Pak Choi plants have plump, juicy white stalks and deep green leaves. Flavor is mild, sweet and crunchy. High in nutrition and perfect for quick and delicious stir-fries. Ready in 60-110 days.
"Canton White"

The perfect onion for salads with mild flavor and crisp texture. A favorite for slicing, bunching or as table onions. Use stems as a substitute for chives. Not affected by day length. Plant height: 12-16 in.
PARSNIP, "Hollow Crown"
This fine tasting heirloom dates back to the late 1800s. The long white-fleshed roots offer delicious sweet nutty flavor that gets even better in cold weather. Store right in the garden to harvest as needed. Slice up to roast, fry or steam. Great in stews, casseroles & soups. Days to harvest: 100-110 days.
PEA, "Little Marvel"
One of the most popular peas for home gardens. Easy-to-grow, bushy plants require little support and produce early in the season. Each pod holds 6-7 tender, sweet peas for eating fresh or preserving. Harvest in 61 days.
PEA, "Oregon Sugar Pod II"
An improved variety with edible pods ideal for dipping, stir frying or just nibbling. High yielding and disease-resistant plants. Vigorous vines require support. Flat pods are ready to harvest in 67 days.
PEA, "Sugar Ann"
The delicious taste of the popular ‘Sugar Snap’ pea in less space. Sugar Ann produces delicious, crisp peas on a compact bush plant that don’t need support. Eat pods and all. Ready in just 45-50 days.
PEA, "Super Sugar Snap"
This improved, edible-podded snap pea has higher yields, sweeter flavor, and better disease resistance. The crunchy, sweet pods can be used for fresh eating or cooked. Begins producing quickly in just 66 days.
PEPPER, "Anaheim Chile"
These medium-hot, 7-8 inch peppers are perfect for stuffing and flavoring Tex-Mex dishes. Use them green or wait until they turn red. All-purpose variety with mildly hot flavor. Harvest 80 days from transplant.
PEPPER, BELL, "Canary Yellow"
Glossy big bell peppers that start out green, then mature to rich golden-yellow. Stocky plants bear large crops of delicious, colorful peppers. Harvest 75 days from transplants. Packet plants 45 feet.
PEPPER, BELL, "Orange Coral Bell"
Beautiful big bell peppers that color up from green to bright orange at maturity. Delicious fresh from the garden, sautéed or roasted. Harvest approx. 75 days from transplants. Packet plants 40 ft.
PEPPER, "California Wonder"
Gardeners’ favorite for its large size and firmness, along with a sweet, crisp flavor. Disease-tolerant plants produce 4-inch fruits for slicing, stuffing or freezing. Use green or allow them to ripen to red. 75 days from transplant.
PEPPER, "Poblano"
Heart-shaped chiles rich in flavor with a hint of spice. Medium thick flesh perfect for stuffing. Traditional for Chile Rellenos and other Mexican dishes. Known as Ancho chile when dried. Harvest 80 days from transplant.
PEPPER, "Jalapeño Chile"
When recipes call for hot chile peppers, jalapeño is the choice. Dark green, meaty peppers are great in Southwestern dishes, nachos and as appetizers. Fruits will ripen to red. Harvest in 70-75 days from transplant.
PEPPER, "Serrano Chile"
Popular in hot sauces and cooking, this moderate to very hot chile does not need to be peeled or de-seeded before eating. Excellent for fresh eating or roasting. Fruits ripen to red. Harvest in 75-80 days from transplant.
PUMPKIN, "Big Max"
Go for the neighborhood record! Big Max can weigh up to 100 lbs. with a light orange, easy-to-carve skin. Allow 120 days to harvest for maximum size.
PUMPKIN, "Early Sugar or Pie"
A good all-purpose pumpkin ideal for cooking, carving and snack seeds. Fine-grained, sweet flesh makes Early Sugar the choice for pies, soups, and canning. Harvest in 90 days.
PUMPKIN, "Jack O’Lantern"
Best choice as an all-purpose pumpkin. Carve some of these bright orange pumpkins for Halloween and save some to can or make into pies. Seeds are great for roasting. Nice, oval,10-pounders are ready in about 100 days.
RADISH, "Cherry Belle"
A late season variety that resists bolting and maintains its crisp, white interior longer. Mild flavor complements summer salads and dips. All-America Selections winner. Harvest in 25 days.
RADISH, "Early Scarlet Globe"
Classic favorite of gardeners for years. Round, crisp, tasty and bright red, they mature in only 23 days, making them a favorite with young gardeners. Keeps well. Radishes stay crisp and mild long after harvest.
RADISH, "French Breakfast"
A long time favorite for its zesty flavor and cherry-red, slender roots with the distinctive white tip. A star in salads and on hors d’oeuvre trays. Stays crisp after harvest. Harvest in 25 days.
RADISH, "Sparkler"
Add zip to salads and hors d’oeuvres. Brilliant-scarlet, round radishes tipped with white have a zesty radish flavor. Fun for kids to grow. Plant crops in cool weather. Ready to harvest in just 25 days.
RADISH, "White Icicle"
Fast and easy to grow, this distinctive variety produces mild-flavored pure white tapered roots about 5-6 inches long. A favorite with kids. Good late season variety. Harvest in only 30 days.
SPINACH, "Bloomsdale Longstanding"
Good looking, great tasting and easy to grow. Thick, crinkled leaves can be enjoyed cooked or in salads and sandwiches. Rich in iron and vitamins. Slow to bolt so you have more time to harvest. Harvest in about 45 days.
SPINACH, "Correnta Hybrid"
Smooth, thick leaves are full of healthy and delicious flavor. Great for fresh eating in salads or cooked dishes. Bolt-resistant variety grows even in warm weather. Harvest in 45 days.
"Bennings Green Tint"

Patty pan type of summer squash with delicate scalloped edge, a gourmet treat fresh or sautéed that adds both flavor and style to any meal. Space-saving bush plants are fast growing and productive. Harvest in just 55 days.
SQUASH, "Zucchini Black Beauty"
A favorite every season, this dark green zucchini goes right from the garden to the table or grill. Great in baked goods, too. Bush-type plants save space. All-America Selections winner. Harvest 6-8 inch fruit in 58 days.
SQUASH, "Early Prolific Straightneck"
Productive, space-saving bush plants make harvesting easy. Delicately flavored, firm, yellow squash are great fresh, grilled or sautéed. All-America Selections winner. Begin harvesting in 50-55 days.
SQUASH, "Early Summer Crookneck"
One of the most versatile vegetables in your garden. Eat fresh in salads, with dips, sauté, bake or freeze. Easy to grow and very productive. Harvest in about 50 days.
WINTER SQUASH, "Burgess Buttercup"
Often considered the best tasting winter squash, dark green Burgess Buttercup squashes have a distinctive button on the blossom end & thin but very hard rinds. They weigh a convenient 3-5 pounds, with super sweet, rich orange flesh that is absolutely delicious. Harvest in 85-98 days.
WINTER SQUASH, "Table King Acorn"
Often considered the best tasting winter squash, dark green Burgess Buttercup squashes have a distinctive button on the blossom end & thin but very hard rinds. They weigh a convenient 3-5 pounds, with super sweet, rich orange flesh that is absolutely delicious. Harvest in 80 days.
WINTER SQUASH, "Spaghetti"
Simply bake or boil these oblong spaghetti squashes, then fork out their interior flesh in fluffy strands just like spaghetti! Add your favorite tomato sauce and enjoy, or serve with fresh herbs and grated cheese.
WINTER SQUASH, "Winter Waltham Butternut"
The nutty, sweet flavor of the deep, golden-orange meaty inside is ideal for baking, boiling, mashing or stuffing. Stringless with few seeds in the small seed cavity. All-America Selections winner. Harvest in 90 days.
TOMATO, "Beefsteak"
America’s most popular variety for sandwiches and topping hamburgers. Meaty, large fruits weigh up to 2 pounds and add rich tomato flavor to any dish or sauce. Very productive. Indeterminate. Harvest in 75 days from transplanting.
TOMATO, "Better Boy Hybrid"
Long-time favorite of gardeners, Better Boy produces luscious, flavorful fruits weighing up to 1 pound. Dependable and productive plants with good disease resistance (VFN). Indeterminate. Harvest in 75 days from transplanting.
TOMATO, "Celebrity Hybrid"
A fantastic, all-purpose, award-winning tomato. High yielding and dependable, the disease-resistant plants (VFFNT) produce large, 8-ounce fruits that resist cracking. All-America Selections winner. Determinate. Harvest begins 70 days from transplant.
TOMATO, "Jubilee"
Yellow color adds sparkle to salads, salsa and sandwiches. Solid, 8-ounce fruits have few seeds and a mild flavor that’s less acid than red tomatoes. Indeterminate. Harvest in 80 days from transplanting.
TOMATO, "Roma"
Ideal for the gardener who cooks. This Italian paste-type tomato produces vigorous plants with an abundance of meaty fruits that are perfect for flavorful sauces or ketchup. Determinate (VFN). Harvest in 76 days from transplanting.
TOMATO, "Super Sweet 100 Hybrid"
Sturdy vines produce clusters of up to 100, extra sweet, bite-sized tomatoes beginning early in the season. Indeterminate vines (V). Harvest in 65 days from transplanting.
TURNIP, "Purple Top White Globe"
Large, round roots are creamy white with purple tops and mild, sweet flavor that’s great for fresh eating or cooked in soups and stews. Leafy tops make tasty greens. Harvest in 57 days.
TURNIP, "Seven Top"
Seven Top is best for tasty, flavorful greens that can be cooked or used fresh in salads. Roots are inedible. Fast to produce, the vitamin-rich, dark green leaves are ready to harvest in 45 days.
WATERMELON, "Sugar Baby"
A real space-saver in the garden and the refrigerator. Compact vines bear extra-sweet, 6-8 inch melons that weigh up to 10 pounds, Ideal for small gardens. Harvest in about 73 days.
WATERMELON, "Crimson Sweet"
Dark green, round and full of sweet flavor with fewer seeds, this disease tolerant variety is also easy to grow. Melons weigh up to 25 lbs. and are ready to harvest in about 85 days.

Packets are completely dual language, with both English and Spanish growing instructions,
planting charts and harvest information.

"Saladmore Bush Hybrid'

Even small gardens can produce a full crop of tasty, 8-inch slicing cucumbers. Semi-dwarf, disease-resistant vines use less space and produce all season. All-America Selections winner. Harvest in 63 days.

"Summer Salad Baby Leaf Mix"

A mix of lettuces ideal for baby greens or mature leaves. Contains: 10% Red Salad Bowl, 10% Red Oakleaf, 10% Royal Oakleaf, 15% tango, 15% Parris Island Cos, 20% Buttercrunch, 20% Waldmann's Green. Harvest in 30-35 days.
Add some real zip to salads and hors d'oeuvres. Brilliant scarlet radishes tipped with white and ready for harvest in just 25 days. Plant successive crops in cool weather.
Add some real zip to salads and hors d'oeuvres. Brilliant scarlet radishes tipped with white and ready for harvest in just 25 days. Plant successive crops in cool weather.
"Better Boy Hybrid"

Long-time favorite of gardeners, Better Boy produces luscious, flavorful fruits weighing up to 1 pound. Dependable and productive plants with good disease resistance (VFN). Indeterminate. Harvest in 75 days from transplanting.

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